On Location Workshops come to you

Our On Location Workshops come to you.

Wig Workshop-PDX will come to your school, salon, union local or senior living community to conduct our workshops.

Wig Workshop for College, Universities, Acting Studios and Conservatories

This workshop is geared towards students who are studying to become actors. At some point in an actors career, they will be asked to wear a wig or may want to wear a piece for an audition. This workshop will teach students how to prep their own hair and how to pin on a mic. Students will be introduced to different types of wigs, hair pieces and facial hair.

In addition, actors will be shown how to handle, apply and remove a wig, hairpiece and facial hair. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for an actor to find that they are responsible for the upkeep of their own wig for the duration of the run of their production. Therefore, we will also go over how to properly clean the lace or hard front of makeup or adhesive, as well as, go over simple maintenance techniques.

Wig Workshop for Salons and Cosmetology Schools

This workshop is geared toward the professional makeup artist or hair stylist who wants to put more tools in their tool box to work in the entertainment industry or work with salon clients who need assistance with their personal wigs or hair pieces. In this workshop, students will be learn about the following:

      • ¬†different types of wigs, hairpieces and facial hair
      • a variety of techniques to prep their client’s hair depending on length and¬† volume
      • how to properly handle a lace front wig
      • application and removal
      • how to clean the lace of makeup and adhesive
      • how to properly wash a human hair versus a synthetic wighow to set a human hair versus synthetic wig using roller sets and modern techniques.

Wig Workshop for IATSE Local Union Members

This workshop is designed for mixed IATSE unions to offer to their members. This opportunity will put more tools in your members tool boxes and therefore make your union stronger. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for an inexperienced member to be asked to be assigned to the Hair Department for the run of a show. This workshop will give members the following skills that may be asked of them by a traveling Hair Supervisor:

      • tools of the trade
      • how to handle a lace front wig
      • how to clean the lace
      • proper placement on a canvas block
      • block the front of the wig with twill tape
      • basic maintenance techniques
      • a variety of ways to apply a wig to an actor
      • how to pin a wig on
      • how to remove the wig
      • how to handle wigs in quick changes – what to expect
      • how wash a wig
      • basic roller setting

Wig Workshop for Senior & 55+ Communities

This workshop is designed for Senior Centers and +55 Communities to offer to their members who wear wigs. This workshop will teach seniors how to care for their human or synthetic wigs or hairpieces. We will cover:

      • washing – learn about shampoos and conditioning for your type of wig or hairpiece, understand the importance of water temperature and water flow.
      • how to “Block” your wig for styling and for storage.
      • styling techniques – learn about the best type of brushes to use on your wig or hairpiece and correct temperature of styling tools
      • how to prep your hair underneath your wig.