Core Four Workshops

Our Core Four Workshops equip students with the necessary skill sets to work with wigs, hairpieces and facial hair. Each of the Core Four workshops cover specific topics such as:  introduction to wigs, wig making/construction, hair preps, repairs/alterations and wig styling/dressing.

The Core Four is currently offered as a one-on-one workshop with instructor, Molly O. McGrath.  The workshops can be taken individually or in succession.

All tools and products are supplied. You will receive a workbook which includes the curriculum, vocabulary, resources and notes for each workshop.


The 411

Introduction to Wigs, Hairpieces Facial Hair and Extensions
Class time: four – five hours

In this workshop, you will receive The 411 on the world of wigs, hairpieces and facial hair.  Students will learn the following vital information and skills that are necessary for working with wigs.

– hair preparation
– microphones
– application
– removal

Hands On: Students will prep hair, apply a lace front wig and remove it.


The Tool Kit

Head wraps, Measurements, Fittings, Repairs and Alterations
Class time: four – five hours

In this workshop, students will learn the skills they will need for the beginning stages of building a custom wig from taking a head wrap and measurements to learning about ventilating. Students will be shown what to look for in a fitting and how to make simple alterations and repairs.

Hands On: Students will do a head wrap, take measurements and practice a running stitch with ventilating needle.


Clean It - Set It

Washing Techniques, Cleaning the Lace and Roller Sets
Class time: four – five hours

In this workshop, students will learn different techniques for washing human and synthetic wigs, as well as, cleaning the lace of makeup and different types of adhesives. We will then move on to how to properly block a lace front wig. Finally, students will learn how to achieve different styles using human versus synthetic wigs with rollers sets, as well as modern techniques.

Hands On: Students will wash a wig and do a roller set.


All Dressed Up

Styling, Rats/Cages and Maintenance Techniques
Class time: four – five hours

In this workshop, students will learn how to dress wigs from rollers sets, techniques for easy maintenance as well as, be introduced to how cages and rats are built for volume and structure.

Hands On: All students will build a rat. Students who have taken the Clean It – Set It class will dress their wigs.